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Long Island Bike Day Next Tuesday

The time is near and numerous models of therapeutic tricycles and an assortment of accessories will be heading to Long Island.  Next Tuesday, November 10th at United Cerebral Palsy of Nassau County in Roosevelt we’ll be hosting a special Bike Day event to see those tricycles in action. 

In order for a child to qualify to receive an AmTryke they must first be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist.  To help make that happen the first portion of our event will focus on training any and all local therapists on how to do exactly that. 

Once that is done parents and children will be invited to join us for an evaluation and the children get to take the tricycles for a ride!  Once qualified they will be added to our list and those with the greatest need will receive their AmTryke hopefully within a few weeks.  If we cannot find enough local donors to help provide all of the tricycles, the children will be added to the national wish list and should receive support within a few months time.

Everyone involved is volunteering their time to make this a special event and to help every child who could benefit from a therapeutic tricycle get one of their very own.

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Author comment by Mark | November 6, 2009 at 4:38 pm

A number of therapists have asked about continuing education credit. I checked and it requires pre-approval from the state PT trade association. Since we haven’t had one of these events in New York before that will take some time to receive. So unfortunately, I don’t see a way to get credit this time but I will work on it for future events.

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